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Advertising on The Concierge comes with some great benefits, extras and discounts..

In our first year (2015), we're happy to offer our services at a discounted price: 

LISTING, £175/year 2015 PRICE, £75/year:

  • A feature page in every appropriate category on the website. Page includes images, up to 500 word text and live web link.
  • FEATURE on any events of yours that we attend. 
  • Access to our ever growing email list, currently consisting of 3500+ Cornwall businesses and locals. 
  • NEW! Advert and/or event mention in 4 email newsletters a year.
  • Promotion of events and specials from our EVENTS page as well as promotion on our Facebook and Twitter.
  • NEW! Unlimited blog posts on our (great for your SEO!).
  • NEW! Retweets of all business- and event tweets to our Twitter followers.
  • Option to sell our Cornwall Map Postcards at a discounted rate.
  • NEW! Opportunity to be our #MonthFollow on Twitter (a tweet a day about your business, including an image on each tweet). 
  • NEW! Discounted rate on social media management through Concierge-PR. £100/month (standard rate: £175/month).
  • NEW! 25% discount on PR and Marketing services through Concierge-PR.
  • NEW! Business Introductions (within our extensive network we offer introductions wherever relevant).

Stats: We have 15000+ visitors to this page every month. This number is ever growing and with SEO efforts in place we project to grow at the speed with which our sister-site,, grew at it's early stages. Cotswolds Concierge currently have 60000+ visitors monthly, a number that is on the steady rise also. 

Contact our Sales Manager, Kathryn Clarke, to get listed on Cornwall Concierge:

We are ALL about the real Cornwall and we're not just another directory or adverts site where your listing is lost amongst affiliate- and Google ads. Your business will be listed alongside other Cornwall businesses. We are passionate, personal, current and on the ball… with us, if it's not about Cornwall, you won't see it here.